Fordland Middle School Protest Project

For this project you will need to research your topic using many different sources.  Make sure to keep a list of your sources to add to your website.

Pages you will need:
1.  Introduction - This page will introduce your topic and summarizes your information in one paragraph.  Make sure to include a picture.
2.  People- This page will introduce the people involved in the protest.  How were people affected by the protest?   Was their opposing people involved?
3.  Protest Method - This page will demonstrate the protest method used by the protesters.  Make sure to discuss what was being protested
4.  Outcome of Protest - Was the protest effective?  How did people view the protest when it happened.  How do people view the protest today?
5.  Links - This page will list additional links people can use to get more information.
6.  Photo & Video Gallery - You will need at least five pictures of your protest or the people involved.
7.  Contact Form - This page will tell people how to get a hold of you if they have questions about your website.